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Also known as "lazy eye."


Decreased vision in one or both eyes without detectable anatomic damage in the eye or visual pathways. spectacles or contact lenses do NOT usually solve this problem.


During the first 5-8 years of life, a childs vision is developing. If during that time one eye is misaligned ( strabismus or squint) or obstructed, the brain will supress the image and concentrate on the better eye. The weaker eye therefore does not develop properly.


The condition is not always obvious, but any if left untreated beyond  the age of 8, will continue into adult life.  


Causes of Amblyopia


Obstructed view maybe due to cataract.


Strabismus or squint


Anisometropia ( An ize OH met rope eeah ) Where the focussing power is unequal leaving one eye which does not focus well, usually due to long or short sightedness




Untreated amblyopia can lead to permanent visual problems and lack of depth perception. Also, if a person's "good eye" develops disease or is injured later in life, the amblyopic eye will not see well enough to provide adequate vision.


Correctiing the vision in the amblyopic eye will depend on the cause. If amblyopia is due to a cataract, this should be removed urgently.


If it is due to strabismus it can be treated with a combination of eyedrops, glasses, patching and/or eye muscle surgery.


Anisometropic amblyopia is treated with glasses to correct the focussing problem.