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LASIK & Corneal Surgery Keratoconus


Laser Epithelial Keratomilieusis is similar to PRK, but the corneal surface (epithelium) is lifted without laser, and replaced after the procedure. PRK stands for Photo Refractive Keratectomy and this was the original technique used before the introduction of today's advanced techniques.

There are less side effects with LASEK than PRK and the healing process is faster. It can be beneficial to wear a soft contact lens for a week after the procedure to promte healing.


LASEK is a good option for some people, unable to have LASIK. The laser procedure is exactly the same.



lasek1 lasik2 lasik3

The corneal surface (epithelium) is seperated from the stromal layer of the cornea using an alcohol based solution

The pre-programmed laser removes corneal tissue to re-shape the cornea

The surface tissue is replaced and healing commences instantly