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VICTUS_laser assisted cataract surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery with Victus Laser


Specific needs are discussed during consultation to establish whether surgery is the best option and if so, the desired outcome accounting for lifestyle and anatomy of the eye


Accurate measurements are taken of the eye. These are combined with other information, to determine the type of anaesthetic and which replacement lens will provide the best outcome


Laser equipment offers greater accuracy than any manual technique and optimal results are gained by maximising the use of laser. 6:6 Vision uses the Victus Laser


All key stages of the procedure can be carried out using the Victus laser, which makes the entire procedure safer and results more predictable


Victus laser performs a self sealing entry to the eye, a window called a capsulotomy in the capsule that houses the cataractous lens (called a capsulotomy) removes the cataractous lens and in cases where the rear of the capsule is not clear, can also perform a window in the rear of the capsule (posterior capsulotomy).


Victus laser imaging reduces the risk of damage to tissue surrounding the lens as it is highly accurate and accounts for anomalies


A range of highly sophisticated intraocular lenses are available to replace the lens that has been removed during cataract surgery


In the majority of cases, patients' vision is so good following advanced laser refractive cataract surgery that glasses or contact lenses are no longer needed and vision is better than it has ever been.


The Victus Laser also produces a safe and accurate entry to the cornea and highly accurate lens re-shaping / correction for LASIK prcedures

Advanced refractive cataract surgery - 6:6 Vision


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