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6:6 Vision

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Refractive Laser Cataract Surgery

LASIK & Corneal Surgery Keratoconus

Cataract / Lens Removal

The procedure for removing the natural lens within the eye is the same, whether it is to relieve symptoms of cataract or presbyopia.


The equipment used and techniques employed may differ from hospital to hospital and from surgeon to surgeon.


At 6:6 Vision, Mr Aggarwal uses the most up-to-date equipment (Femtolaser and IOL Master) and techniques whilst completing the procedure with premium lens implants that offer good all round vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.


BEST OUTCOMES result from a combination of factors;


Understanding needs through adequate consultation and clear communication


Accurate measurements (biometry)


Micro-surgical techniques (smallest incisions possible) to optimise healing, prevent induced astigmatism and produce best outcome


Use of premium lens implants to suit individual needs


Technique also known as MICS (micro incision cataract surgery) means the cataract (old lens) can be removed and the new lens, replaced via an incision that is less than 2mm.