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Patient Reviews

Shelley Felstead


The decision to have lens replacement surgery was not an easy one to make but I do not regret it.  It has made my day to day life so much easier and enjoyable.  No longer do I need to search around for my specs for every little task.  My confidence has increased.  I had gradually given up doing things I enjoyed.  I can now fill out forms, read labels when out shopping, read a menu and the bill too, read recipes and instructions, send and read text on my mobile phone, use my laptop and all without the need for glasses!!!


I would advise friends/family to consider this procedure if glasses seriously impact their confidence or quality of life.  Professional and considered advice with regard to the correct lens choice from a trusted surgeon is of paramount importance.  Lifestyle and realistic expectations regarding outcome must be discussed.


Of Professor Aggarwal’s skill and expertise in this field I have no doubt.  He is genuinely approachable, understanding and professional.  The follow up care I have received has been exemplary and he has handled any niggling doubts with patience along with his skilled optometrist who works closely alongside him.  I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Aggarwal and his team at BMI.  The nursing staff are simply the best too.  They made a daunting experience almost pleasurable.


Georgia Norman


Treatment has improved my sight and my life greatly.  I am now able to read, look at photos, drive more comfortably and carry out daily chores without the need to wear glasses or squint.  I would highly recommend this surgery, it is life changing and you quickly recover and take for granted your good vision.  


My husband had this surgery with Professor Aggarwal ten years ago and has always been very happy. I found Professor Aggarwal to have a very pleasant manner and was very caring.  The nursing staff during the procedure were also great and put me at ease.  It is completely pain free it is only your own imagination that makes you uncomfortable




The treatment has given me a new lease of life in my job and social life.  I never liked wearing glasses and the change has given me confidence.  The treatment was worth every penny.  It is a must have.  I received excellent care from the staff and the surgeon during my treatment and follow up appointments



Martin Lawton - Veterinary Surgeon


The results were remarkable and now Mr Lawton's vision is so clear that he no longer needs to wear the contact lenses he has worn since the age of 16.

Mr Lawton, who operates on up to 15 animals' eyes every week at his surgery in Harold Wood, said this week: "My eyesight is so much better.

"I can see more clearly now than when I was 16. "This has now transformed what I can do.


Susan Foster  


My sight now seems perfect.  I was very short-sighted and it is brilliant to be able to see clearly as soon as I wake up.


It is wonderful as I now do not have the chore of cleaning contact lenses every night and taking all sorts of glasses, spare lenses, lens liquid etc when I go away.  I am looking forward to visiting Florida next year and doing all the wet and fast rides without my lenses falling out.