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P Passfield


The treatment has improved my sight tremendously. I have been very short sighted since childhood, but now, following surgery, when I wake up in the morning, I wake up to clear vision and not just a complete blur! I am no longer completely dependent on glasses or contact lenses and am now able to do simple things like reading the clock beside the bed and enjoying hobbies again I had given up due to deteriorating sight.


I would 100% recommend going ahead and seeking consultation with Professor Aggarwal. The outcome of my treatment has exceeded my expectations and I have no regrets at all about seeking treatment. The care I received from all the staff was excellent. The nursing staff were very kind and attentive and Professor Aggarwal was kind, calm and reasuuring.



Martyn Williams


Treatment has significantly improved my sight and my life.  I can read without glasses and do DIY (including close up work) without glasses for virtually all tasks.  Distance vision is excellent (driving) and night vision for driving is vastly improved.  I would say to a friend or family member considering similar treatment that this is one of the most worthwhile decisions you will ever take for yourself.  I found the care from the staff and the surgeon during my treatment excellent and faultless.


Jeanette Roberts


The results have been amazing.  I can now read and enjoy hobbies such as golf without the need of glasses or contact lenses.  I am 73 and had poor eyesight for many years.  I am so glad I chose to have this procedure.  I can remember my sight being this good.  I would encourage anyone thinking of having this treatment to make an appointment with Professor Aggarwal and go with what he recommends.  The care received from all staff was helpful, kind and caring .  Professor Aggarwal was professional, approachable and very reassuring at all times.



Marlene Hutchins


Everything is now cleaner and colours are brighter.  I can now do things I could not whilst wearing glasses or contact lenses.  I am so glad I had it done.

I would say go for it to a friend or family member considering having lens replacement.  If you are considering it, do it.  It will change the way you see life. I found the care I received from the staff and surgeon during my treatment and follow up appointments exemplary.  The care from all could not be faulted. I was made to feel special.


Dr David Sill (retired G.P.)


The treatment has most definitely improved my visual acuity.  Eyesight is as it was 50 years ago.  Life changing!

Anyone considering similar treatment should have no concerns about the procedure.  I am the worst patient ever so if I can have it done, anyone can!

I received very professional care throughout.  Pre and post op – all staff deserve the highest praise.


Nisha Kaushal


This treatment has been totally life changing.  I was having real problems driving which had an impact on my job.  I can now drive at night with no problems.  On top of this I am now able to do hobbies and activities I could not do before.  I would recommend this treatment in a  flash.  I have in fact recommended that my husband have the same treatment.  The treatment and care I have received have been excellent and to the highest standard throughout the whole process


Patient Reviews

Jennifer Holland


It has taken me some time to find the right words to explain the difference that this had made to my life.  Every day is a new dawn.  At the age of 74  I feel as if I am starting a new life!  I can see more clearly now than I think I ever have, having worn thick spectacles from the age of 7 and contact lenses for the last 45 years!


We have visited family in Houston, Texas.  We have had two granddaughters , teenagers from Barcelona living with us for the last month during which we spent two weeks walking the treasures of the Yorkshire Dales.  Almost every single day I marvel  at what I can see.  I am without the restriction of spectacles  and without the inconvenient clutter of contact lens wearing.  I am so grateful to Professor Aggarwal for what he has done for me and for his expertise and professionalism, care and reassuring manner.  He has given ne a whole new beautiful clear world!


The treatment has improved my sight and my life immeasurably.  It is a whole new world!  I can now see better than I ever have.  I am very short-sighted (19 in each eye) and have worn spectacles since the age of 7 and contact lenses for the last 45 years.  I no longer need either spectacles or contact lenses.


I would say to a friend or family member considering similar treatment “don’t be afraid!  Make an appointment to see Professor Aggarwal.  If he advises that this procedure is appropriate for you then go for it!  The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic.  It takes less than 30 minutes.  I felt no pain, merely some discomfort with a sense of pressure when the lens implant was being inserted.”


The care I received from all the staff at the Southend BMI Hospital was first class in every area, from the initial contact with the receptionist, then the admission nurse, the theatre nurse and the theatre staff.  All were professional, skilful, friendly, calm, gentle and reassuring.



Patricia Humphreys


Treatment has improved my life.  Shopping is easier because I don’t have to keep putting glasses on to look at labels etc.  Cooking, reading and driving are now hassle free.  It is great to see everything in such detail, including TV.


To anyone considering treatment I would say go for it!


Everyone at the BMI was kind, caring and professional as the procedure is a bit daunting not knowing what is going to happen and I was very apprehensive.

The staff do everything to make patients at ease.


Eileen Weaver


It has been great not wearing my glasses, getting up during the night and not having to find my glasses.  To be able to see things more clearly is wonderful.  I would recommend this treatment to a friend or family member.  I was looked after exceptionally well and there was nothing to fear.  The care I received from the staff and surgeon during my treatment and follow up appointments was excellent.


Iris Penn


Sight improved greatly.  Cant remember having to wear glasses.


I would say to anyone considering treatment to read all information carefully and speak to as many people as possible.  Add up all the pros and cons.  I would still make the same choice. I found the treatment was first class from the receptionist to the surgeon.  A very friendly and comfortable place.