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Presbyopia is a natural ageing process and effects everyone.


The muscles which contract and relax allowing the lens in the eye to change shape, allow for a change of focus. In medical

terminology, this process is referred to as ACCOMMODATION


From around the age of 40+ this process becomes less efficient and results in a LOSS of ACCOMMODATION, also known as PRESBYOPIA.  


Presbyopia or blurred vision due to age, can be improved by wearing bifocal  or multi focal spectacles or contact lenses. They can take a while to get used to and not everyone can tolerate this form of correction.


The surgical option is a permanent solution where the lens within the eye is removed and replaced with a lens capable of focussing at varying distances (a tri focal or multi focal premium lens).  


The removal procedure is the same as removing a cataract and as a result, people who have lens replacement surgery do not develop cataracts in later life. The treatment is called PreLex (presbyopic lens exchange). It is also called a number of other names including refractive lens or clear lens exchange.