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Retinal Detatchment

The retina lies at the back of the eye and is made up of several layers of nerve and light sensitive cells that convert light received into an image.


 A detachment can occur as a result of PVD or trauma and occasionally as a post operative complication. People who are high myopes (very short sighted) are more prone to this problem although it can happen to anyone.    




Include a significant increase or sudden onset of floaters and / or flashes or the appearance of a dark cobweb like curtain.




If caught in the early stages it maybe possible to treat with laser or by freezing in an out patient environment using local anaesthetic. Frequenly however an operation will be needed to repair the retina. This is usually perfomed under a general anaesthetic as a day case or over night procedure. Vision will gradually return, although the degree to which it improves will depend on the severity of the detachment / tear and how long it had been damaged prior to correction.


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