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Refractive Laser Cataract Surgery

LASIK & Corneal Surgery Keratoconus


Monofocal lenses

(Fixed Focus lenses)


Monofocal lenses have been used in cataract surgery for over 50 years. A little under 20 years ago, foldable versions were introduced and this led to the development of small incision cataract surgery.


These lenses replace the cataractous lens within the eye and offer a good outcome for patients who wish to see distance objects without spectacles but who are happy to wear their glasses for reading.







Custom Lens Treatment

The natural crystalline lens within the eye is capable of seeing objects at all distances, unless the lens or the shape of the eye is compromised, resulting in blurred images.


In some cases, Lens replacement surgery is an appropriate treatment, particularly for those with CATARACT, or PRESBYOPIA.


Additionally lens treatments are available for people who are very shortsighted or very long sighted (outside the normal range for LASIK). These lenses are called PHAKIC IOL's (Intra-ocular lenses) also known as implantable contact lenses.


This video is provided by Abbott Medical Optics, manufacturers of ReZoom, and Technis multifocal lenses, and the Clariflex monofocal lens all of which are used routinely by Professor Aggarwal. Cataract patients and those with presbyopia (ageing eye) benefit from these lenses and those shown below. The information relating to insurance and payment at the end of the video relates to USA only.


Multifocal lenses


Multifocal lens implants are similar to monofcal lenses ( they are foldable and replace the cataractous lens within the eye) They offer the added advantage of good all round vision, rather than single distance vision, minimising or eliminating the need for reading glasses.


As one of the very first surgeons to be trained in the use of this new technology Professor Aggarwal continues to train colleagues (UK and Internationally) in the use of multifocal intraocular lenses.


Correcting Astigmatism


Professor Aggarwal is able to correct astigmatism as well as offer patients good all round vision (close up through to distance). Toric lens implants can be used to correct astigmatism during cataract surgery or when treating presbyopia.


A toric or bi-toric intraocular lens corrects visual  problems caused by cataract or refractive error as well as correcting astigmatism. Professor Aggarwal uses the Acri COMFORT bi-toric lens.

tecnis MIOL by AMO FineVision Lentis T Plus 2 zeiss cataract info Acrysof IQ lisa toric lens by Zeiss acri comfort lens by Zeiss A T Lisa

Cataract Laser Treatment


At 6:6 Vision. Professor Aggarwal uses LensAR for safe removal of the cataract.


LensAR cataract laser surgery provides 3D imaging of the eye to reduce the risk of damage to surrounding tissue during surgery


Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures and one with the highest safety profile


Made even safer by the use of this latest technology

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